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Jun 1, 2008

Fat Injections  

The term fat injection refer to the process of taking fat from your stomach area (or another area) and injecting it into your facial area (or other area). The goal of the procedure is to add fullness to the face, lips, buttocks or hands. Facial fat injections, by virtue of the fullness, give some lifting to the general facial structure.

Dr/Professor/Mrs Suri Nightfire provides the service at a cost, negotiable at consultation!
It won't hurt, honest!

On Mrs. Nightfire:
1. Black dress from .:+*'Cattleya'*+:., $0L. Cute black dress, also avaliable in sky blue color!
2. Big Injection Cyringe from WASEDA, $0L. Animation included.
3. Juicy charm bracelet from Juicy, $0L. Avaliable in assorted clolors. Located near the entrance by the snacks table.
4. !* Talisman ~ Elsbeth Pearl Drop Necklaces (in gold and silver), $0L.
Suri x

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