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Jun 3, 2008


I've been thinking all day about what exactly to blog when i got those sweet pumps from Periquita, a group gift from the Starlust Motel group. had to match them something, dont u think?
So I followed a lead for a camping prize chair shirt and saw this cute sweater for only $10L! i guess i can make my entry now^^ (oh and the camping prize chair is on this shop and a female version on the shop next door)

Passei o dia pensando sobre o que exatamente eu ia postar quando recebi esses sapatos da Periquita, um presente do grupo Starlust Motel. tinha que combinar ele com alguma coisa, não acham?
Então segui uma dica de uma camping prize chair e achei esse sweater lindo por $10L! acho que agora ja posso fazer meu post^^ (ah e a camping prize chair é nessa loja mesmo e há uma versão feminina na loja do lado)

Shoes/Sapatos: .:Periquita Retro Round Shoe Group Gift:., $0L from the Starlust Motel Group
Earrings/Brincos: b.l.i.n.g. Pewter Embossed Earrings, $0L from B.L.I.N.G.
Sweater: "B11"sweater knit mens/olive, $10L @ B11 Outlet for Guys
Calça/Pants: Baiastice June gift Early Summer Pack - Pant Knee Silver, $0L (as posted By Suri. Ty babe/ Postado por Suri, brigada linda)
To find Baiastice's freebie area you turn to the right at the entrance and follow the corridor to the end/ Pra achar a area de Freebies da Baiastice, é só virar a direita quando entrar e seguir ate o final do corredor)

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