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Jun 3, 2008

Get Your Eye On!  

As well as clothes, shoes, hair and skin, we can change eye color whenever we like too! Yay! Here is a set of B-E-A-utiful eyes for free! The poster was so lovely I stared at the model's (prop the creator) face for a solid 2 minutes..then I tp'd over to get it!

I saw this Keri Dress on Free*Style but I had to blog it anyway! It is perfect for my ponytail hairstyle...don't I look glam? LOL

1. Cassis Rose - Free Eye, $0L
2. Cupcakes - Keri Dress, $0L
3. Schadenfreude - S necklace, $0L (from a box called Treats from Schadenfreude)

❤ Suri ❤

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