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Sep 5, 2008


Group gift top from Pink Outfitters, join the group and find it in past notices. The skirt is part of a dollarbie outfit from Sin & Secrets. Tattos from Inflict, you have to join the group and tp to a member only area. There you will find many freebies for the group members.
Pink dress from Amplify, 1L. There is a freebie corner in the store. Shoes from Periquita Shoes group (don't know if still available though). Hair is one of the latest group gifts from House of Heart (so is the hair on top pic).
This outfit I got for 1L last night on the grand opening party of Elemental Designs Plaza. It comes with everything you see on the photo, excluding the hair. The store is Masquerade but again I went there and couldn't find it for free anymore :(

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