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Sep 10, 2008

Take The Edge  

Edge Grafica is a shop only for freebies!
I have just gone to the camp with Gabi, and we have got some really good stuff!

On Suri
Edge Grafica - Sleeveless Shirt and Denim Pants, both $0L (takes 10 minutes EACH on camping chairs)
Leggings: Royal Blue (group gift, avaliable in 4 different colours and knee patterns), $0L
Boots - Brown Moccasin Boots from Elan, $0L until midnight today SLT (thanks for LLuna who let me know about it!)
Sunglasses: Redgrave - FREE Sunglasses, $0L (there are a very nice set of Venue Blue Eyes and a facelight there too)

What next?

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