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Sep 7, 2008

MiaSofia Hunt  

After many tries I could enter MiaSofia for the hunt and luckyly I was just in time for the show. And it was great! While enjoying myself there I took the pictures of the coins I found. You can still go there and get yours, and I just got a notice from MiaSofia group telling that the hunt will be extended untill 3:30am! Woot! Enjoy!
Skirt and tank top, necklace, earrings (comes also with a bracelet) and headband from MiaSnow at MiaSofia Hunt. Bandada by Mirai, at Hair Fair (50L).All shirts by MiaSnow, also from the hunt. This coin has shirts of many types and colors. Black jeans pants from Convoitise and Kraftika hunt (till September 15th).
Bandana by PERSONA.
Pirate stripe beckon Bikini, eyepatch and toast by LurveBite, from MiaSofia hunt.
Skin, ears, (tail) and tattoo by Lurvebite.

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