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Sep 10, 2008

Hot Girls In Bikinis  

Spice Senne here is really spicy! She said lets try out some raunchy poses...eye candy!
Now we're both just playin' after celebrating getting these fabbest bikinis! The freebie ones are here in the that Spiderman?! Hey, what do you need a bikini for, Spidey???
Wonderful Bella Court Shoes from Fuel...only $1L for a week!
And THESE babies are called Bambee Wedges...$10L for the red ones..again only for a week! Thanks Creamy for letting me know!!

On Suri and Spice
Vogel Bikini Store - Vogel bikinis (there are 4 $1L ones), to celebrate with the new opening.
Fuel - Bella Court Shoes in Red ($1L) and Bambee Wedges in Red ($10L). Remember its for one week ONLY!!!

What next?

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