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Sep 7, 2008

Gueisha's & =TEKUTEKU=  

Zen000 gave me a notecard about her Fujiyama Geisha & Samuri's freebie Shop and I had to go there and check it out. How surprising! There I found so many nice freebies, including skins, that I couldn't choose 1 or 2 to blog.. lol
She says in notecard: "We would like to collect high quality freebies such as time limited offer from famous brands, and also introduce Japanese creators works which has been attracting attention in these days".
Let's go to the pics (all hair are from TEKUTEKU Hunt, so cute!)
Puffy shorts on first pic from SHOP SEU.
Skirt on third pictures is the new dollarbie at Skanks R Us. There are other colors you can choose, each one is 1L.
All outfits and skins from Fujiyama Geisha & Samuri's freebie Shop (except the shoes and the ones mentioned above), hair from =TEKUTEKU= Hunt.

What next?

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