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Sep 2, 2008

Freebie collection  

Chair camp for 100 minutes at Aoharu to get this skin with jewel drop (plus the shape I'm wearing above, eyelashes, eyebow and face light). The Fun Barrel is a freebie at Crushed Velvet (there many other cool freebies there!).
Skirt from lucky board at Honey Kitty (the bag comes in the box, to wear on hand, shoulder or lower arm). Shirt from Nah!Creations, 0L (originally in pink, I tinted it to match the skirt better hehe). Leather snickers from Aoharu's lucky chair.
This other skin is 0L at Sexy Catz. There is 2 items among the regular vendors priced 0L. You have to find them. The plum velvet pumps you can get joining Baby Monkeys group, they're the lastest group gift. White shirt and dark blue jeans from LeynieWear, 0L at Pickin Daisies event (House of Heart and Bewitched Malls).

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