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Sep 1, 2008

Aoharu Shoes!  

Aoharu has now a Shoe Shop and as a release gift they are giving these cool boots on the group. And the store is having a half priced sale on shoes! Join the group and don't forget to go to the store. You will find very nice stuff there, and there are some lucky chairs! Yay! Congratulations, Aoharu! And ty. :)
On top picture I'm wearing a gift from InStyle, 0L (thanks to Danika for the tip, I met her while we were both camping for UnPick dresses lol), the skin is a from All Seasons Designers Place HUNT (you can find 10 items for 1L). Hair is CS, not free.
On bottom pic: Cherry's Girl gift, already posted by Suri, 0L. [Aden] Gen 2 Skin and Gritty Kitty hair (both not free).

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