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Jun 6, 2008

Suri Says Relax!  

"Take a chill pill, woman!" is what Robin Hood said to Marianne in this Dead Ringer Spoof Clip. It was so funny it inspired me with this title.

So many dresses I wore today, at this hour (as I change a zillion times a day, i have counted), I decide to dress down in my husband's shirt while he is at work. Shh...
I am wearing this lovely fitted shirt from Dog Eye Cherry. Its called Korokoro, avaliable in 2 sizes for men and women, $0L. It is worth checking out the store it has some more freebies and cheapies!

1. B! Top - Free Top from B!, $0L
2. Ruby flower necklace by N.A., $0L
3. Indigo Ink Tattoos - Tribal Cat Tattoo, $0L
4. J7L Design - Basic White Flip Flops, $0L
5. Dog Eye Cherry - Coral Bracelet, $0L

Oh and I have to mention, Truth has a hair sale. Most of my recent pics features hair from there!

❤Suri ❤

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