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Jun 6, 2008

Suri In Hollywood  

Shine your light now

This time it's got to be good
You get it right now
yea'Cause you're in Hollywood...

Here's me on SL's Walk Of Fame in the Hollywood sim. These 2 dresses perfectly compliment the background, you should totally check it out. They have a boat race nearby, which is always exciting to watch! MUCH better than the snail race me and my husband watch on SLCN!
1. Lemania Indigo Designs - Confetti Sparkle Dress, $0L. Subscribe-o-matic gift for members only!
2. J-Style Wine Red Dress, $0L
3. !* Talisman - Valiant II Earrings, $0L (from the freebie wall)
❤Suri ❤

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