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Jun 3, 2008

Sleepy Eyes  

How's my seductive 'sleep eyes' look?

Y'all dig me??
Going seductive and grungy at this hour (I changed again - obviously!). Get me look here!

1. Bershka - Camiseta Space Capucha (including hoodie layer), $0L. Liessa has blogged this in a previous entry. There are lots more freebies, check it out here:!
2. Battered Budoir - Jacket layer of stains - $0L
3. Pants from Peppermint Blue, no longer avaliable
4. Luna Shape - Happy Bag in Leopard, $0L
5. ::69:: Candy Selection's Sprinkle Bracelet in black, $0L
6. W&Y Bracelet A R, $0L
❤ Suri ❤

What next?

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