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Jun 5, 2008


I just got this note from Hya Tiramisu, from Silent Sparrow and wanted to share it with you:
It is with a bit of a heavy heart I write this:
I will no longer have the old freebies out for people to pick up.
They will be available for newbies though, so you can bring your friends who are just starting out to pick up all of the old sets. (Please make sure they are 30 days or younger).
I love spoiling the ~twittery birds~, but the harrasment (nasty IM's and general rudeness) has gotten out of control. From now on starting 6/12, when I release a new group freebie the group will be closed for the week while that set is available.
I am aware of the retraints of 25 groups, and I am sorry, but it's the only solution i can think of that will keep me from starting my morning with reports of people complaining in the shop...and general nastyness in my offlines.
The current set and invite policy will remain as is until 6/12. That gives everyone a week!
The old freebies have already been pulled and are available as a newbie pack in the pool alongside the current freebie, the (copper) sylvan suit.
much love and thanks to all of you as always

All I have to say is that she is quite right to do so... and people should be ashamed of hasseling someone who have been nothing but generous torwards her group members... To show some of her work, her latest group gift, i went there and put it all on... as you can see, its gorgeous^^

Roupa/Outfit: (group freebie)(copper) sylvan suit ~silentsparrow~
Skin: *blowpop* Mellie3_Cinnamon [nekkid] black, $0L @ Blowpop (all skins from the Mellie3 series have a freebie one, so its a no-miss/todas as skins da serie Mellie3 tem um freebie também, então é imperdivel)

And please remember, no-one has any obligation to give out gifts and we should all be thankfull to those who do.

What next?

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