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Jun 3, 2008

Me and Marv  

Marv showed up and took me (or rather I took him) shopping :)
Everytime we meet we have so much fun! anyway, here's what we are wearing:

Marv apareceu e me levou pra fazer compras (na verdade eu que levei ele:))
Sempre que a gente se encontra a gente se diverte tanto! bem, ai vai o que estamos usando:

Cabelo/Hair: "Hikary" - Black, $0L @ Killer Queen Mall
Vestido/Dress: K*S ONE-PIECE63Klimt BLACK BOX, $0L @ Kuri Style
Boots/Botas: *Axis Mundi* (black) Legwarmer Boots by Katat0nik, $0L @ Axis Mundi

Boots/Botas (red/vermelhas): [ElecTRo Kitty] NAGABUTU-Blown-(Free Boots---ONLY@The Bloc), $0L @ The Block (he changed back to his own boots on the other pic/ele pos as botas dele de volta na outra foto)
Jeans: DMC Rough jean, $0L @ The Block
Camiseta/T-shirt: :FORM: Thermal untucked, $0L @ The Block

Photo 1: fun at Vital Animations
Photo 2: chilling at Garden of NPIRL Delights

What next?

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