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Jun 7, 2008

Japan Feel  

2 dresses I got from Japanese creators. Love the green lolita dress! I was going o take off the socks underneath but it just didn't look right!

1. *Pop Feel* - Pastel Knit Dress in Orange (15 minutes on camping chair), $0L
2. Cheb Tote Bag (avaliable in black as well), $0L
3. *Yamy* - Lace Bangle (avaliable in 3 colors), $0L
4. Honey-Kitty - Melon Spring Girlfriend (lucky chair), $0L
5. JCNY - Modea Earrings Set (lucky chair), $0L
6. Hanami - Golden Sea Fan (with dances), $1L
❤ Suri ❤

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