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Jun 15, 2008

How to Buy a Woman's Business Suit  

1. Select a suit color and pattern. Black, navy and gray are all classic tones. If you opt for a patterned suit, check that the patterns line up at the seams of the shoulders and lapels.

2. Decide between a skirt and pants, or buy both. The traditional skirt suit is appropriate in highly formal business settings, but the relaxed pantsuit is sometimes acceptable. It might be practical to buy a three-piece set: jacket, skirt and pants.

3. Make sure the skirt or pants fit. You should be able to slide two fingers under the waistline and pull about 1 inch of excess fabric at the hip. Skirts should fall straight. Back, not side zippers help a skirt to fall more smoothly.

OR... just go to ROSMAR for their weekend hunt!!!

From Left:
ROSEMAR - Modern (Ornate) Suit - Powder Blue, $0L
ROSEMAR - ROSEMAR 40s Inspired Suit - Navy, $0L

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