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Jun 5, 2008

Catalyze My Boots!  

This entry is a tribute to my out of this world catalyst boots from The Abyss! No, silly, they're not free. BUT! I have put together 2 outfits around these totally liackable boots which are, wait for it....freebies!!

Outfit 1:
SEXXY Black Leather Set $0L. I was sent this freebie but I have no idea who from. I have the SURL included in the folder, but freebie is nowhere to be found. Might have been removed.
Outfit 2:
Red Top, from **AFD** free Gift and new Dress info 6/5/08 folder, which was sent to me personally. I tp'd to the location and found another freebie, called AFD GeschenkBox.
Belly button ring is a wonderful gift from Pixie, called Gold Flower. I got this from one of the lucky chair wildcard rounds. They have about 100 chairs there you're bound to find your letter for a gift!
❤ Suri ❤

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