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Aug 26, 2008

Swan Feather  

Hello everyone. I'm so excited about blogging here! I've never blogged before.. My wish is to help you girls find good free (or almost) things and I hope I can :) Thank you very much to Suri for inviting me. Yay! \o/

Ok, so I'll start with The Hotel Swan Feathers Hunt.
-Dress: Emery's
-Hair: Sixty-Nine
-Nails: Cool prim nails by Love Soul

-Dress: Mirrors gift
-Hair: Mirai gift (comes with a cool hair iron with animation)
-Bag: This nice bag is a group gift at Hotel Swan Group. You can join the group and get the bag on past notices.

You can get all gifts at Hotel Swan.
I think the hunt goes till August 31th, so you still have plenty of time to go get your midsummer gifts there. :)

What next?

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