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Aug 29, 2008

Pirates YarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrHHHH!!  

Cassiopeia Isle has a pirates day event!!! Loads and loads of freebies around the sim....prepared to be dazzled!! Here are some of the good stuff I picked up...
Don't forget Morgana of Soft Touch Skins are giving away some pretty cool skins for free (4 in total) just for this weekend!
Rare Breed - Fishnet Freebie, $0L
(Bra not included!)
SYSY - Gone Fishing, $1L
SYSY - Pirates Day Bandana, $1L
LVS&Co. - Female Wooden Peg, $1L
LVS&Co. - Pirates Girl, $1L
Eyes: Endeavor lucky board - Angel Eyes Amber, $0L
(previously blogged by Fabi Gabi!)

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