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Aug 24, 2008

Fundraiser Event!  

Monogram Virtua Sponsors the Operation Kid Equip Fundraiser in the Virtual World!
This is a charity event!
The charity's mission is to provide economically disadvantaged children with the basic educational supplies needed to be successful in school.
Operation: Kid Equip, is a project of Congressional District Programs, Inc A registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Tax ID #: 65-0970090
I have a booth set up amongst others as well in the convention center. 15% of the profit will go to Operation Kid Equip Fundraiser. Search for this avatar: OKE Pick for more details!

Marcus Cubix Lounge, $10LBoston Egg Pod Chair, $10L
FREEBIE!! Down Memory Lane freebie, $1LYou can also buy the retail version, with original wordings on the polaroids!!

One too many lattes? No worries! You can use this toilet before you go for MORE lattes!

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