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Aug 28, 2008

SKIN Masquerade!  

Morgana of Soft Touch Skins has kindly let me use her new Bri Skins to demonstrate this dress today. I love the particular detail on the face, makes me want to go to a Masquerade Night! By the way, there is a Masquerade Ball is on Aug 31 the last day of the 3 day Pirate Day event.. runs from 8-10pm slt at the Cassieopeia Isle! The skin is avaliable for free throughout the weekend.
Outfit is free from ScarlettCast Gift Ball For August 2008, $0L. To join just tp to Second Wave Apparel !
These Georgeous! Stilettos are gift from .: DK :. Shape, $0L
When I tp'd to the store at LA Street Scene, there is a Catherine shape, also a freebie!
Suri x

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