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Aug 19, 2008

CSR Event!  

Me and Sal had the best time today collecting stamps for the CSR event and claiming prizes! We both think it's such a good and fun system we got our gifts in no time!
I am holding my Ittybunny gift from DP YumYum, which Sal got for me (:D) and Sal is holding the 2 kitties he got for the family!

Being an animal lover, Sal wanted some more pets to join the family! Here is Odie, he will be taking the all important responsibility of being the family guard dog!
This rocking horse set is so cool! Gift from HPMD, the big rocking horse has a total of 7 poses. Sal is wearing the Neko gear set, which includes the glowing feet and a large sword on yer back. Cool, huh?

The CSR stamped cards can be given as a gift! So you can let your loved ones get a gift too if you feel generous. Also, you are allowed to wear more than one card when you go to the stores to collect them. So, get your thinking caps on!!

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