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Aug 27, 2008

Pididdle and Pig's Kick  

A friend inworld (Thanks Ana11!:) tp'ed me to get some bubble chairs on a lucky chair and I absolutely love them! You can try your luck here. Since they're fun bubbles at a fun place, I wore those colorful shorts (they're so cute and you can get them at Pididdle Store on Free*Style sim, there's a box for 1L full of great stuff, and also things on FreeStyle hunt) and the shirts are all group gifts from Pig's Kick Closet! I love their gifts! Hair is Armidi (not free).
On the firts photo the shoes are the ones from Fuel Suri already posted earlier. On the last pic I'm wearing my PornStar snickers and they look weird! I took the picture anyways, maybe someone can help me fix it! lol I tried relogging, teleporting somewhere else, editing appearance and didn't work. :(
Brutus (creator of Pididdle) saw me wearing her shorts at HappyMood and kindly gave me a gift, this lovely pink dress (for sale on her store, comes with hair piece) that I'm wearing with Pink Cowboy boots that are Baby Monkey's group gift in store (it comes with pink cowboy hat too). The hair is Shop Seu (not free).

What next?

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