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Aug 26, 2008

Newness! It's Gabi!!  

Just want to make an announcement all FREE SECOND stylish chicks, we at FREE SECOND HQ are thrilled to have Gabi join our review panel!
She will be out and about searching for the best of goodies and report it to you. Pleas have a round of applause for..Gabi!
Here is her first contribution:
- Shirt and bermuda pants (with belt) - 0L at Edge Grafica (You will find many other freebies there)
- Boots: WRONG
- Hair: TRUTH
-Skin: Redgrave

Gbberish is a lovely store, and there you can find the rose top i posted before and here are the Underground goovy baby top and Urban hot pants (comes in 2 tones and a waist sash). Both 0L at Gbberish.

- Skin: Elizabeth Shy - Group gift (there is now a 250L fee to join the group, but as you can see it's worthy :)

-Shoes: Sakura shoes in red - Lucky chair prize at LYA-Hair: Detour

What next?

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