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Aug 6, 2008

One Person Junk is anothers Treasure  

This is the First post of the new Freebies Tools/Gadgets section of the Free Second blog. As most know of everything there is something free in life and well you have the cloths with the ladies well I will give the insite to free or close to free things with tools/gadgets.

You might know the YaDni's Junkyard and some might not. This has been around since '04 and since then it has grown and gotten a lot in it not just freebies but learning tools. So as you check this out keep in mind always growing.
More pics but link is below:

YaDni's JunkYard - Alot of freebies there to many to mention
Cloths,Gadgets,Houses, Vehicles, Tools, Furniture, And many more things. So take a peak and I will keep you informed about more freebies to bring you

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