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Aug 10, 2008

I Stole Evie's Dress!  

Hahaha, got your attention didn't I? Evie's closet has a new group gift, it's this amazing red gown! Totally in love with the arm detail, lace tied up all up my arm..I have a thing about laces, but that's not for here (hoooo hooo hooo!).
Just a short message to let you girls know about Hair Fair 2008! Woo hoo! There is also a bandana day! Ashia Tomsen from FREE*STYLE gave me and Liessa some materials so we'll be sending out bandanas nearer to the time, our own creations of course! Watch this space!
Evie's Closet - Elysian Red Gown, $0L (group gift)

What next?

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