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Aug 7, 2008

I Have Unique Needs...  

My unique needs!! oh yeah, plus Saladin...but that's not for here...hahaha, the brilliant and georgeous shoes I am wearing are the brand new gift from UNIQUE NEEDS! Notice the colors are different, I love mismatching, you can just click on the shoe and choose your colors! Funky, huh!

1. :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Green Plaid Top, $0L
2. [Attitudes] free underwear - Summer 08 collection, $0L
3. Gigi Couture - Torn Denim in Black, as part of the Gigi GiftBoxy gift (I am not sure if it is still avaliable?), $0L
Unique Needs - 66 Color Changing Pumps, $0L

What next?

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