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Aug 12, 2008

Fresh dollorbies/freebies  

Buenos Diaz, Good evening, Goede dag(dutch)

Im back! With my head full of goooood dollorbies. jay! So i went to Elate! and i said to my shopping-friend , i want cute little dresses for L$50 but its so hard to find! He said come to the next store and it was my destiny i think, cause there it was! Raeva's

Another Slurl to Raeva's with a floor ALL of dollorbies/freebies (+SKINS!)
&& My shoes are from :::Line::: I collorfull store, i have almost everything from that store! Every week they change the red boxes on the clothes/jewellery/shoes etc. and are then L$25 i
like it!

x0x0. precious

What next?

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