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Aug 1, 2008

Devils Moon  

Normally, when I get or find freebies, i create a look, and then, as a last production step in SL (after theres editing the pictures and writting and uploading and... pheww), I choose a nice place to take my pictures at... well, this one was the other way round... i found this super cool Sim, the Devils Moon, and tried to create a look to fit in. perfect ocasion to show off the new Sn@tch freebie!

Normalmente, quando eu recebo ou acho freebies, eu crio um look, e daí, no último passo no SL (depois vem editar as imagens e escrever e fazer upload e... ufa), eu escolho um lugal legal pra tirar minhas fotos... bem, dessa vez foi o contrário, eu achei um Sim super legal, o Devils Moon e tentei criar um look que combinasse. Ocasião perfeita pra mostrar meu freebie da Sn@tch!

Top: **CKSD** Flirt Halter Wavy (Group Gift), $0L subscribe-o-matic
hair/Cabelo: *TRUTH* Phoenix [Noir], $50L
Bracelets/Pulseiras: [RN]FreeWristband(Rusty), $1L + [RN]Feather Bangle, $0L @ On the Raven's Nest
Eyes/Olhos: [RN]Rainbow eye, $0L Lucky Chair Item @ On the Raven's Nest
Pants/Calças: (A&K) Black Leather, $10L (outside the main store/fora da loja principal)
Skin: Isabelle Dec, $0L @ Damiani
Shoes/Sapatos: BM Satin Pump Aqua, $0L group gift /presente de grupo @ Baby Monkey

hair/Cabelo: *TRUTH* Gypsy [Noir], $50L
Pants/Calças: *~PureStyle~*capripants(red), $15L
Coat/casaco: :::Sn@tch Harlot Coat:::, $0L
Shoes/Sapatos: BM Satin Pump Black, $0L group gift /presente de grupo @ Baby Monkey
Belt/Cinto: Ladies Spiked Hipster Belt - A&K, $45L
Pants/Calças: (A&K) Black Leather, $10L (outside the main store/fora da loja principal)

Photos @ Devils Moon

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