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Aug 12, 2008

Dead Kitties  

Liessa couldn't stay away too long! Today she has emailed me with some great finds for girls who likes alternative fashion! I must admit, she does have the style to pull it off fantastically, i can't say I can do the same!

Less talk and more pictures! I hand it over to Liessa now:

DeadKitties - BattleAngel grand openingIll just post here the freebies and camping items, the shop has opened and for a week everything there is on sale, nothing im wearing, from boots to eyes is over 50L ;)

Tintable tribal Tattoo, $1L
Pretty Dots dress, $5L
Lacey, $1L

Whiskers (bigodes de gatinho), $0L presente de grupoCamp

Red Rose tattooAcessoriosOrelhas

Tia Hair, $0L

Goldie hair, $0L

What next?

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