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Dec 5, 2008

Post ready  

Sorry about not having post the slurls. Only had time to push 'publish post' button because of rl issues hehe All fixed now.

unnamed skins tuli
Unnamed skins from Tuli's group. There is a competition to name them. Check notecard in notices.

cmorane 2
Outfits from CMorane, 0L. They are so cool, check the leg warmers!

cmorane 1
Outfit and black denim from CMorane too. Striped top from WRONG, Xmas gift.

gazov dyn little fish
Purple hoodie from DYN, xmas gift. Bangles and hair bow from Gazov Designs, there are 4 gifts hidden in the stars. Pants from Little Fish, 0L (or 1L hehe).

What next?

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