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Dec 21, 2008

<3 Thimbles!! & More stuff  

gabi and ana
Me and Ana11 collecting stamps for our CSR 2008 stampcards.. Since she knows I'm as *Thimbles* addicted as she is, she let me know about the 20L sale on green, red, white and blue items. OMG!!
She's wearing Love, Marleen dress in redhot and I'm wearing The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence shirt in blue, 20L each @ Thimbles. My pants are from Sh*t happens, zebra jeans, 1L. Flat shoes from Fuel, lucky board prize (don't know if still available, I went there and there was a nice dress on lucky board).

csr 2008
These are the prizes I've chosen on CSR 2008. Bolero from Cubic Effect, hair with barret from 69 and wonder cycle from Happy Mood. Not an easy choice, there are many great gifts to choose, unfortunately I only got 3 cards.. lol If I were this pants (red pants and maany tanks) from Thimbles, 20L.

thimbles 20L
Shirt and pants as blogged above. Hoist That Rag Tunic, Obligatory Leopard Miniskirt reallyred, 20L each from Thimbles. Hair with barret from 69 @ CSR 2008.

lost valley hunt karona and marlys
Marlys beatle bailey dress, I 'heart' the Starlust group gift. Candy cane and green pumps from Love Soul, and Kar'ona dress, all from Lost Valley hunt.

lost valley hunt - bp
Boxes from BP, legawarmers from Boof, xmas collar from [HS] Stores and pumps from Love Soul, all at Lost Valley Hunt.

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