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Dec 8, 2008

A.Y.Y. hunt & more  

All clothes and shoes on pics 1, 2 and 3 are from A.Y.Y. candy cane hunt. 1L each.
ayy xmas hunt 1

ayy xmas hunt 2

ayy xmas hunt 3

bp magika stc blacklace
Lolita pumps from Sweeter than Candy, subscribo gift. Lingerie from Blacklace and blonde hair from Magika, POE gifts. Green outfit from Damiani Fashion, advent calendar gift, 1L. Tree hair and Xmas tree from BP, Christmas gift, 0L.

bp xmas gifts
Green and purple tree hairs and earmuffs from BP* as well. Those are Christmas gifts, 0L each.

mayamaya and s&s
Christmas tree afro from MayaMaya Creations, group gift instore. I always love Maya's fun afros! Outfit (shirt, shorts and socks) from Sin&Secrets, another xmas gift, find it under the tree.

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