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Dec 4, 2008

Annuarisu & Rahz  

annuarisu gift
Dresses from Annuarisu, the red one is 1L, it's Christmas gift and there are also other boxes spread around the store for 1L with shoes, skins and shape. The cream one is the POE gift, it's a complete avatar and I'm only showing the dress. The skin is the new gift at Obscene group. I love it!

thimbles group gift
Awesome scarf from Thimbles, at the Starlust group.gabi
Sara Dress from Rahz store, POE hunt gift. The picture is on the box of Sara dress and it's me!! Yay! Rahz made this pic a while ago and I just found out I was in the box lol :) Picture and outfit by RahzinhaA Pera, she's a great designer and photographer! Thanks, hon, for the gift and for teaching me how to make my pics look better! Just need to learn how to make them smaller. lol

OMG I'm so gorgeous! lol

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