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Dec 18, 2008

Dollz Town  

Christmas hunt at Dollz Town (as messaged by Bunny on the chat box, ty hon!) You have to find xmas balls, candy canes, snowflakes...

dollz town hunt - gazov
Bangles, purses, shoulder bag, gloves, legwarmers, barret, all from Gazov Designs, at Dollz Town hunt.

dollz town hunt - mika
Outfits from Mika, gifts from the hunt. The outfits include gloves, stockings, feather hats, necklace, corset, skirt, boa and jacket (2 outfits on separate snowflakes). Pose from Striking Poses, Dollz Town hunt gift.

dollz town hunt - mika 2
Another corset set from Mika, and pose from Striking Poses, both are gifts from the hunt. Shoes from Ztique, Xmas gift.

dollz town hunt - mika and rockberry group gift
The skin I'm wearing on this post is the new group gift from RockBerry (find in notices). Thanks Heather, it's lovely!

There are others awesome gifts on the hunt that I couldn't find yet (Gazov Designs, Mika, Striking Poses, Second Shape, Sweet Dreams, Ztique and Country Time) I'll try to find and blog tomorrow.. Now I need some sleep hehe :) Ni Ni, everyone!

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