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Dec 12, 2008

Oh wow  

reasonable desires xmas gifts
Christmas gifts from Reasonable Desires: The Retro dress you get by adding *RD* to your picks, and the Xmas Anne lingerie by joining the group. The shoes were a gift from Blang subscribo, I don't know if it's still available.

vinyl cafe artilleri
Ruby highwaist capris, Artilleri gift 11. Smooch pumps and blue snowflake set from Vinyl Cafe, 0L. Blue panties from ~momo~, group gift. Grey shirt from Dutch Touch, part of the huge gift sent by subscribo group. If you don't have yours yet, hurry there to get them!

dutch touch gg 2
Black top and pumps from Vinyl Cafe, 0L. The other outfits are from Dutch Touch gift.

dutch touch gg 3
Gifts from Dutch Touch.
dutch touch gg
More from Dutch Touch.

ray skin n
Knit dress from Ray Skin, 0L.

vixen vinyl cafe
Orchid shoes from Vixen, 0L. You'll find them near Vinyl Cafe.

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