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Dec 13, 2008

momo malt snatch etc
Red xmas shirt from Momo, 1 or 0L. Black denim from MALT, 1L. Dress and socks gift from Sn@tch, 0L. Anti Santa shirt, gift 12 from Damiani Fashion, 1L. Pencil skirt from Artilleri, gift 12 as well.

strayer vinyl 42 sey damiani
Grey cardigan from [42], 0L. Xmas hotpants from Strayer, 0L. Arm porch from Sey, group gift instore, scratched stockings and black pumps from Vinyl Cafe, not free (Ty Maztor! :) . Miss Santa shirt and pants from Damiani Fashion, 1L, gift 13 (for group members only).

son!a 2
Dresses from Son!a, the green is free!

son!a 1
Winter dress from Son!a, 0L, Christmas gift. Thank you Cassandra Albatros for telling me about it. It's lovely!

malt saris strayer
Both tops, bangles and Red dreads from Sari's, advent calendar gifts. Blue skirt from Wrong, Xmas gift for today. Pink stockings from Jill, 0L a fat pack. Pink waist scarf from MALT, subscribe for the group to get it.

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