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Dec 9, 2008


xmas gifts 1
Red coat, sets of knit sweater skirt, scarf, boots socks and earmuffs, red engineer boots and brown jacket are Christmas gifts at Wedding Lane, under the tree near the landing point (0L). Green boots from A-BOMB, 1L (also available in red for 1L). The scarf with bow I'm wearing with the brown jacket is from Thimbles, group gift.

anubis style
Red gown from Anubis Style, 0L (Christmas gift).

mia snow
Jasmine Skin from MiaSnow, 1L. There is also a cool frost version, 1L as well.

chai skins 1

chai skins 2
Skins and shirts from CHAI hunt, 0L. You'll find 12 jewels hidden around the store. The skins are gorgeous, 8 tones, all with freckle and cleavage versions.

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