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Dec 8, 2008


callie massimo
Tarty party dress in pink from Callie Callie, 50L (discounts on many pink things). Boots from Massimo, 10L for group members. Skin from Dernier Cri, POE gift.

Same boots from Massimo, 10L for group members, there are also other colors. There is a 30-50% off sale going on there where I got this awesome stole and denim dress.

massimo gg
Fighting love gift for Massimo group, gift instore. Pants and mant for the guys and boots for the girls. As usual, the gift for guys fits me very nicely :P Booty shorts and top not included, they are from A.Y.Y, not free (unless they're inside any candy cane I didn't find so far hehe).

massimo lb
Sleepwear from Massimo again, lucky board.

What next?

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