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Dec 30, 2008

Before 2008 ends...  

kuri style gifts
Dresses from Kuri Style, 0 or 1L each. Brown socks from Shop Seu lucky chair.

kuri style gifts 2
Green dresses also gifts at Kuri Style. Green boots from Aoharu, 0L.

rebel xtravaganza gg
Outfit from Rebel Xtravaganza, xmas group gift in notices. Socks from Shop Seu lucky chair.

tokeo plastic gifts
Skins and tops from Tokeo.plastic, 0L. There are 2 boxes, one is for the group members only. The outfit below is in one of the boxes too, including lollypop. UPDATE: I forgot to mention the eyes on the left are part of the gift pack.

tokeo plastic 2

dv8 and cutie honey
Cute cow outfit from Cutie Honey and white fetish ball from Dare Designs, both are lucky chair prices.

What next?

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