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Jul 8, 2008

Suri and Indiana  

I have a very very special guest star today, look! It's the cutie Indiana!! I am at Isle of Tranquility where Sey's main store is at. They are holding a skybox event and Sey has put out some freebies, more on that later..

I picked up little Indiana here and she is so adorable! Check out those gladiator boots! She weighs over 170 prims and you can hug and hang out with her! We hide in one of the skyboxes areond here and the scenery is amazing, absolutely loving the lights and put me and Indiana in a light mood! Draco (my teddy bear from AC Girls) is at home waiting, I already told him Indiana's coming home with me!

1. = Hal*Hina = [white/pink] Tunic Dress, $0L. This is a group only camping gift! 20 mins on the chair OR you can join the group and get a mint version in group past notices. OR you can get both of them! LOL
2. LINE - Triple Bracelets, $0L (group gift)
3. *Yumyum Doll* Indiana, $225L. There is a collection of 5 dolls in total. Indiana is my favorite!

What next?

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