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Jul 7, 2008


My sis's name is Celestine Runo, and she is taking a LONG vacation away! I miss her so much and when I saw this store, RunoRuno, I just had to go inside, the name attracted me! I have never heard of this maker before but they are giving away a complete very cute, detailed black knitted outfit, you can buy it as separates, both for zero linden at the store!
The pair of heels I am wearing now is a free gift from Stitch by Stitch! Very girly slingback with a roses pattern with a red rose at the front, it looks as good as it feels on your feet!

1. RunoRuno - Black knitted sweater and skirt, $0L
2. Stitch by Stitch - Shoebox Roses, $0L
3. LINE - Triple Bracelets, $0L (group gift)
Picture taken at my asian house, with my husband in the background, is he hot??

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