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Jul 26, 2008

A Public Affair  

Aoharu has an ice cream fair!!
There are freebies in the store (only for 3 days) including a set of Soda earrings, and on the lucky chairs there are random prizes too! Thank you Liessa for informing me! I was complaining there wasn't any ice cream in the freezer! Out of good will Liessa took me to get the gifts, one thing led to another...we're having a bikini show off!
On Suri:
1. Mezzo - Cowboy hat (group gift), $0L. Remember to join and look in group past notices!
2. Hair - Mirai Style - Miho in Gold, $250L
3. AOHARU_TwinSoftIceCream_Necklace_4, from the ice cream vendor, $10L
4. *Laughing Academy* vintage flamingo bandeau top bikini, $0L
On Liessa:
1. *Laughing Academy* vintage flamingo bandeau top bikini, $0L
2. AOHARU_TwinSoftIceCream_Necklace and earrings, from the ice cream vendor, $10L each
Hello Boys...
Let's kiss and make up...
On Suri and Liessa: Mezzo Gladiator Boots in Black, $180L
(Fatpack is only $499L)
I have to mention a special thank you to Zelly from Striking Poses for sending me this amazing pose (Britney and Madonna Kiss). You can buy this in store for $200L and Zelly dishes out gifts for members and non members alike.
She will now tally up and shower the most generous customer with the her newest creations, plus exclusive member gifts. You can only get this if you join her group! Zelly has a subscribe-o-matic system which eliminates your 25 group limits!
Thank you so much, Zelly for a wonderful gift!

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