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Jul 8, 2008

はる*ひな =Hal*Hina= !!  

Halhi Yoshikawa and Hinano Runo are the creators of Hal*Hina! I have already blogged the lovely tunic Dress I got from their camping chair with Indiana earlier! If you are at the mainstore, you will find some gift bags on the counter at the store! There are 2 gifts: a grape colored skirt and this mint capri pants I am wearing right now! Other colors are avaliable, these pants are sold at $50L each! I am loving the butterfly detail at the back, you all need this!!

1. aN Star Camisole, $0L
2. = Hal*Hina = Gift Capripants [Grape & mint], $0L
3. = Hal*Hina = =Hal*Hina= *Star Earring*, $0L
4. [S.LOVES!!] - Hawaiian Flower Tummy Tattoo (tintable), $1L for another 3 days only!!
5. LINE - Triple Bracelets, $0L (group gift)
6. LINE - Converse sneakers, $0L (group gift)
6. *::UM::* Takara_Line FREE GIFT, $0L

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