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Jul 18, 2008

Peppermint Blue Assistant!  

Hi Girls, I'm back! I have deserted you for a few days to start up a building project alongside my husband; it's going pretty well, but I will be busy for a few more days before fully coming back to 'tour' with the Free Second Girls. Here is a new offering to you all today, a NEW assistant pack from the Japanese Peppermint Blue Bar. I see so many outfits avaliable for free in a limited offer, I am wearing one of them!

As usual, the assistant packs include everything you need to start. All newbies should come here to look for a starter kit. It includes a few skins, eyes, hair, eyebrows, clothes, shoes, facelight...basically dressing you up from head to toe!
In this outfit, my favorite items are the armlet and the lovely full figure bra, very detailed! And what about that cute cat tattoo? just lookin' up at me :) There is another tattoo at the back as well, looks like a tiger? panther? Makes a good look overall anyways!

Go to Peppermint Blue now!!

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