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Jul 30, 2008

Suri Gets Dirrty  

Hm....I haven't had as much fun taking a photoshoot for some time! This one made me a tad nervous...I am showing you how not to wear much fabric...LOL...hey, don't look at my mole! LOL
Imperial Elegance is having a retirement sale on some of the items, you girls totally need to go and have a look!! I picked up these items for $1L!!

Also SYSY has another free gift, the green floral lace lingerie set including, huh?
Imperial Elegance - Feather Boa, $1L
Imperial Elegance - Triple Pearl Necklace, $1L
SYSY - Green Lace Floral Lingerie, $1L
Imperial Elegance - Mini Laces in White (3 color pack), $1L

What next?

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