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Jul 5, 2008

Wearing Latex  

Who wears better latex than Britney Spears since 'Oops..I Did It Again'? mmm...I am trying to compte with her in these latex outfits I am showing you today!! What do you think?

A girl can always try, right?

I wonder what my husband will say now when he find these babies in my closet.... *giggles*
They are included in this purple swirly outfit, and when I pose, these boobies wobble. How cool is that?!
Kayliwulf's Kingdom - FetishDoll Latex Camo Catsuit w/Juggs Helio, $0L
Chocolate colored latex bodysuit, mmm...its almost melting through my skin...
Who's being naughty? ME! All eyes on me...Like them boots? Baby pink...innocent but naughty!*
Kayliwulf's Kingdom - FetishDoll 2.0 Latex LBD Dress Chocolate, $0L
Kayliwulf's Kingdom - FetishDoll 2.0 Vinyl Snap Boots Sunset, $0L
Kayliwulf's Kingdom has a table FULL of free gifts (all latex and fetish stuff). How can I miss them for so long?!?! Thay are all absolutely georgeous and the ones I am showing you are just randomly picked out. I 100% recommend you check it out, for your loved ones or personal pleasure *winks*!
Muah x x

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