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Jul 5, 2008

Special Swimwear  

It's like a fatpack! So many colors to choose from, I am mixing the colors up again. Strapless bandeau style bikini, thank god my boobs are defying gravity (still)..LOL

1. AC Girls - Swimwear Group Gift! Join the group and get from past notice!
2. ::69:: - Beach Sandals (color changes by touch), $0L. This is a group member gift! So do I need to say this again? Join the group!
3. [S.LOVES!!] - One Flower Chest Tattoo (tintable), $1L
4. [S.LOVES!!] - Hawaiian Flower Tummy Tattoo (tintable), $1L
5. LINE - Triple Bracelets, $0L (group gift)
6. Tousled - Slohane (2 tone) Hair, $0L. (subscribe-o-matic gift), $0L

What next?

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