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Jul 4, 2008

In My Closet  

I spy with my little eye...something that's in aqua color and fresh! Yes, I am wearing the amazing new group gift from The Closet, it is a checked tunic with flowing fabric, which hides my tummy! Having a splash at Temple of Bast, my cat Peaches keeps following me..

1. **THE CLOSET** CheckTunic in blue, $0L (group gift). Just search for **THE CLOSET** and look into past notices.
2. Fetch Alternative - Free Gift For Girls (I am wearing the pants from the package), $0L
3. Zenith - Candy Belt, $0L
4. Tousled - Slohane (2 tone) Hair, $0L. (subscribe-o-matic gift), $0L
5. .: mela's :. red & blue double captive ring, $0L
6. Skin: Aoharu Alek Skin + Shape (group camp gift), $0L. Please activate group tag before camping!

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